Erskine Skidsteer Snow Blower

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The Best Skidsteer Snowblower

Erskine Skidsteer Snowblower

This is the perfect blizzard battler. A quality built blower that really works! The Skid Steer Snowblower meets the tough demands of your skidsteer loader, throwing snow up to 40’ while clearing paths down to the ground. Featuring a No-Freeze-Up design! Two important factors must be considered when purchasing a snow blower for your skid steer loader – gallons per minute and hydraulic pressure (psi) are very important to the ultimate performance and your satisfaction. Erskine™ strongly recommends discussing these factors with us before purchasing a snowblower attachment for any skid steer. Every Erskine™ snowblower is custom engineered to provide maximum performance for each skid steer make and model.

Erskine Skid Steer Snow Blower


  • Direct drive hydraulic auger
  • Replaceable bolt-on high carbon- steel cutting edge
  • Hydraulic relief – no shear pins
  • Hydraulic control valve with electric solenoid controls all chute functions
  • Easily-adjustable depth skid shoes


Download Skidsteer Snowblower PDF Brochure

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