Erskine Skidsteer Snow Pusher

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Move Mountains - Skid Steer Snow Pusher

 Erskine Skidsteer Snow Pusher

The snow pusher is designed to move a lot of snow very quickly - up to 5 times faster than a conventional snow blade. Watch the video below to see it in action. The snow pusher is the perfect way to remove snow up against buildings and parking blocks using the optional "Pull Back" system that gets you right up to the object you are working on. The universal quick attach system fits most skid steers and compact tractors. Stop fighting the snow and call Yellowstone Tractor today about your new Erskine snow pusher. 

Skidsteer snow pusher blade


  • 37” high side panels
  • Strong, high-carbon steel cutting edge for long life
  • Features the Quick Attach mounting system for fast, easy hook-up
  • Easy-adjust depth shoes
  • Optional “pull-back scraper blade” turns pusher into a “scraper” for more versatility


  Download Snow Pusher PDF Brochure


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